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The gay mafia

May 24, 2014


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A pejorative term for certain homosexual groups is the “gay mafia.” It is also known as the “velvet mafia” and the “lavender mafia.”

The word “mafia” appears to have originated about 1875 to refer to a secret Sicilian crime society.  Now the word is used to refer to any group of people of similar interests or backgrounds in a particular field or enterprise.  It is said that the term “gay mafia” was coined by Hollywood agent Mike Ovitz.  (Raymond Johnson, Inside the Gay Mafia —  

“The term ‘Velvet Mafia’ was first used in an article in the “Top of Pop” column in the entertainment section of the Sunday New York Daily News in the 1970s by journalist Stephen Gaines to describe the executives at the Robert Stigwood Organization, a British film and record company.  The phrase was later used by the same writer in a roman a clef about Studio 54 in reference to the influential gay crowd that became the club’s habitues.  This ‘mafia’ included Calvin Klein, Truman Capote, Halston and Andy Warhol. The term was tongue-in-cheek, describing a powerful social clique, not some truly devious alliance ruling either an industry or politics. Gradually, ‘velvet’ came to be replaced with gay.  The term may have gained wider social prominence after it was used in a 1995 Spy article and a 2002 Vanity Fair article, wherein Michael Ovitz, in an interview, blamed the aforementioned group for his company’s failures.”  (Gay Mafia —

Internet blogger Luke Ford wrote:

“‘Gay mafia’ is not a term used publicly or within polite company.  It’s jot something we’re supposed to talk about.  To do so, according to conventional wisdom, is to engage in homophobia or paranoia  It is the moral equivalent of anti-Semitism.”  (Hollywood’s Homosexual Mafia —

Comedian Adam Carolla said that the LGBT community has “turned into a mafia” and added that “you can’t live in Hollywood and get along in this business and be in theater companies and improv companies and have issues with gay people.”  Carolla stated:

“If you can’t work with gay people, you’re gonna have a difficult time in Hollywood.  There’s plenty of gay people and they’re in positions above you.  I don’t have a problem with it — they’ve just turned into a mafia and demanding everyone apologize for every joke and retract every statement.”

Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich was required to resign his position after LGBT activists publicized that Mr. Eich made a 2008 donation to support a California ballot initiative that would ban same-sex marriage in California.  Mr. Eich’s resignation was discussed on Bill Maher’s HBO show “Real Time.”  Ms. Sheffield stated: “Well, he gave [the donation] when President Obama was against gay marriage.  So, I don’t think it is very fair.”  Mr. Maher responded: “Good point.  Also, I think there is a gay mafia.  I think if you cross them, you do get whacked.” 

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Mr. Obama defined marriage as “the union between a man and a woman . . . For me as a Christian it’s also a sacred union. God’s in the mix. . . . Historically, we have not defined marriage in our Constitution. Its been a matter of state law, that has been our tradition. . . . I’m not somebody who promotes same-sex but I do believe in civil unions.”  (Barack Obama on Gay Marriage.)

Not everyone who crosses the LGBT community is forced to resign. An article by Rick Moran on the website of American Thinker stated:

“Mozilla’s Brendan Eich was forced to resign for his support of Prop 8 in California in 2008. The online dating site OKCupid was a catalyst for getting him fired, urging its members and customers not to use Firefox because of Eich’s position on gay marriage. But it turns out that OKCupid’s CEO, Sam Yagan, donated to Utah Rep. Chris Cannon’s campaign. Cannon cast several votes in Congress against gay marriage and gay rights. What should OKCupid’s ‘community’ do with this hater?” (OKCupid CEO donated to anti-gay marriage candidate —

In response to Mr. Moran’s post, Silvio Canto Jr. stated on the same website: “Do with the hater? The ‘gay mafia’ will go into convenient mute mode. After all, these are the same people who voted for President Obama and all of those other democrats who believe that marriage is between a man and a woman?” (Remember the one about “throwing stones and living in glass houses?” —

An article in Slate contended that Mr. Yagan was not a hypocrite for stating on the OKCupid homepage after Eich’s resignation: “We are pleased that OKCupid’s boycott has brought tremendous awareness to the critical matter of equal rights for all individuals and partnerships.” Jamelle Bouie of Slate stated: “Yes, it’s entirely possible that Yagan’s donation was in support of Cannon’s anti-gay votes. But it’s also possible that Yagan — then, as now, a wealthy businessperson — was donating in support of Cannon’s conservative record on taxes and regulation. Indeed, Yagan also donated to Barack Obama in 2007, when the then-senator was a noted opponent of same-sex marriage. Is this evidence of Yagan’s anti-gay sympathies? Or was he giving support of Obama’s other positions?” (No, Sam Yagan and OkCupid aren’t hypocrites —

Dan Savage, an outspoken LGBT rights activist, denied that Mr. Eich had to resign due to a gay mafia.  

“No gay rights organizations had called for him to step down,” Mr. Savage said.  “This wasn’t really an issue in the gay community, it was an issue at Mozilla.  There were people at Mozilla who didn’t want this man representing them.” (Dan Savage on “gay mafia” and Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich’s resignation —

Popular conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh told his audience that gay marriage was inevitable: “This is going to happen. . . . There is hardly any opposition to this.  The opposition that you would suspect exists is in the process of crumbling on it.  There is a gay Mafia that has inflicted the fear of death, political death in the Republican party, for example.” (Limbaugh: “Gay mafia” will make same-sex marriage happen — The Seattle PI at

The gay mafia was said to be at work recently when the St. Louis Rams drafted openly gay football player Michael Sam, a former linebacker for the University of Missouri.  Black columnist Kevin Jackson posted on The Blacksphere:

“Sam was drafted number 249 in the seventh and final round, which was only about eight slots higher than my deceased grandmother! . . . The Rams drew the short straw, and some fat cat gay donor to Obama, called the Gay Mafia, who promptly called its president Barack Obama . . . [and] forced the Rams to take [Mr. Sam].” (Gay mafia involved in Michael Sam pick —

Another black internet poster who calls himself “The Champ” listed five points about the fierceness of the gay mafia: (1) It was able to “publicly bitch” black stand-up comedian Tracy Morgan, (2) “They unapologetically hijack sh*t” such as the word gay, (3) “They’re stealth,” (4) “They have everyone completely shook,” and (5) “They straight-up murder careers.”  (5 reasons why the gay mafia is so fierce —

After Focus on the Family, a Christian organization, released a movie titled “Irreplaceable” about the value of tradition families, LGBT advocates launched a petition to keep the film out of theaters.  Writing in World News Daily, Drew Zahn said that the efforts to ban the movie was an LBGT intimidation campaign.  (Gay mafia attacks Focus on the Family movie —

Phil Robertson, the star of an Arts & Entertainment Network (A&E) cable television called “Duck Dynasty,” was indefinitely suspended from the popular show after LBGT activists objected to an interview of Mr. Robertson in the January 2014 issue of GQ.  Mr. Robertson gave his opinion that homosexual activity was a sin.  Catholic Online called the campaign to fire Mr. Robertson an activity of the gay mafia.  (The unrelenting “gay mafia” has bullied A&E into suspending ‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson —

A post on a website called The Burning Platform stated:

“My, how things have changed.  All you have to do is support traditional marriage, and you are crucified by the ‘gay mafia’.  You can lose your TV show, your job, your reputation.  God help you if you support traditional marriage.”  (Gay mafia —

In a 2002 book titled “Goodbye, Good Men,” author Michael Rose “described in detail the machinations of what came to be called the ‘lavender mafia’ in the Cathloic Church in the US.”  The book “documented the results of the changes made in the period immediately following the close of the Second Vatican Council in the practices of the Catholic institutions, particularly in seminaries and academia. . .. Rose and many others have pointed out that during this period, many of the seminaries abandoned their former rigor in screening potential priests.”  (“Gay mafia” blamed for Papal resignation in Cardinals’ report —

Some people are not afraid to use the term gay mafia.  There is even an improv/sketch comedy group called “The Gay Mafia.” The group’s website states: “Since 2002, The Gay Mafia has given over 260 performances and performed sketch and improv comedy in venues across the U.S.”  (The Gay Mafia —